Saturday, 3 May 2014

Servants went crazy - so I escaped

I don't know what these servants think. First they close the door to the bathroom, stopping me going out to relieve myself. Then they go and sit down again!

Meanwhile, I'm getting a bit urgent.

Then the main servant, gets his camera and videos me! The cheek! Then the little servant went out to my kitty litter area, and the big servant followed me out there with his camera.
Sussed it out - no funny stuff was going on... except...
The gate was open enough for me to go for a run!

I went for it and they chased after me. Hahaha it was funny to see them try and get me.

After I let them think I would run off, I let the big servant transport me back to the house, as he spoke really nicely to me, and that made me want another pat.

Now, to do something naughty to take my revenge! 'couch scratch' and followed up with nap 4.

Me, poking my tongue out at small servant:

Me, escaping:

Big servant put this photo up of me:
Hi Resolution Close Up Photo

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