Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Growing my fur

So, I've been growing my fur for a few months now.

Up until a couple of nights ago, it was just too hot for a pussy cat with this much fur. I thought I'd gone to all that trouble for nothing when I could have had cat nap 4 instead! 'tail flick'

But then suddenly, it got super cold. Here is the story:

I spent most of the day alternating between snacking on big cat biscuits, which the girl servant keeps topping up nicely (I trained her well), which are really nice, compared to the little dry biscuits they sometimes give me. Anyway... I came inside after a good dose of fresh cool air, and found something really odd in the lounge room.

I could see the big servant, sitting on the couch scratcher, but there was a shape on the table which I'd never seen before. I crept in there and got down really low. My vision became 'tunnel vision.' I carefully moved towards it, not even pausing to scratch an annoying itch behind my ear. As I got closer, almost close enough to sniff it, it moved! I almost wet the floor! After a small recovery, the big servant said something, but I ignored him. I got down low again and approached the covered item. It moved almost imperceptibly. I was mesmerised. I got closer and closer, until I could almost smell it, and then... FROWM!

Whatever was under there freaked out and started chasing me down the hall. I ran and ran, slipped over, hit the wall, recovered, ran down the hall, slid into the bathroom, and leapt through the catflap outside to safety. I didn't even touch the windowsill!

After a bigger recovery period, I slowly came back inside. I approached carefully again, only to see that the 'thing' was just the big servant's feet under a blanket. Grrrr. I resist the urge to scratch the servant couch.

I gave him a black look, tried to be mad at him, failed. Suddenly I felt really tired, jumped up on the couch and settled down for the 7th nap.

The big servant redeemed himself though, cause he covered me from the cold, and I snuggled in under the sheet for the night. Life can be good after all:

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